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I have always been confused with different types of car wax products, cleaner wax, carnauba wax, sealer wax, polishing wax, liquid wax, paste wax. I just want a smooth and lasting shine. Any recommandations

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    1. First of all you have to start with a clean car, making sure to remove any road oil. There are several types and brands of car polish to choose from. Choose one with caranuba wax for the best and longest lasting finish. As far as brand, you get what you pay for so don’t be cheap if you want a quality job. Follow directions on the container, take your time and you’ll be happy.

    2. whew! u asked a handful. cleaner wax is just that. it a wax u use to clean ur paint finish of swirls and other spots. as far liquid or paste, its ur preference on which u like using. they do the same thing. i would reccoomend maquire’s gold(paste or liquid) wax. before u use a wax, u need to apply polish. polish works to clean ur finish also. wax works to protect it. i buy most of my products from a company like automagic. its pricey, so thats why i reccommend maquire’s polish and wax. plenty of waxes and polish brands out there, but many are not proven. its bascially a trail and error thing. Zymol is not the best by far. basically the best is what works for you. try the maguire’s gold and u will definitely see a big diffirence in your paint. it will not just shine, it will deepen in color. the darker the color the more heads u will turn. also, buy u a bottle of spray detailer. thats a life saver right there! if u have any questions i will gladly assist. wax ur car then a month later, wax it again, regardless if u feel it needs it or not. i do it that way because u get a good coating on and the wax really bonds and is noticeable beyond doubt. if u have access to a buffer, u really in there, but its not necessary if ur finish isn’t real bad.let me know and i will break it down more for you. i guaranteeu will be impressed

    3. Meguires has in there gold class waxes a viedo tape “the secrets to good auto detailing” might be out on DVD now Even an old paste waxer like me learned lots. I even tried turtle wax ice not so good. Zymol is blue colored wax and tends to be very hard to polish to a luster. Go on line and check out ZANO Brothers cleaners and waxes. Meguires is great stuff too. The NXT Generation Tech wax is great from reports I get. I use Mothers Classic carnuba wax. Classic because the tin is at least 10 years old. I also machine buff old oxidized paint first.

    4. While this won’t directly answer you – it will also directly HELP you, lol.Mothers Clay Bar set (or Meguiar’s) – use it and enjoy the feeling of a new finish without the trouble. I have shown 3 friends this product in person, and three, count em, THREE cynical men have literally been amazed at results. Do the clay bar system right:Wash the car as close to home as you can, don’t worry about drying it this time.Get your car in the shade.Do the clay bar product as directed.Then wash again, if needed, THEN wax in the shade.When I do the clay bar, I gently drape an old sheet on the ground where I’m working. Here’s why: If you drop the clay bar on bare ground, you MUST throw it away. I can’t stress that enough. Don’t destroy your finish to save $10 on a bar – buy a backup bar if you want. If I drop the bar on a sheet and it looks OK, then I continue. But honestly, I’ve done 5 cars with clay bars, and only dropped the bar once, and I still threw it out.I don’t even use “cleaner” waxes anymore, I do the bar and go straight to waxing. You can do the bar as often as needed, but really, more than once a year is probably just too much work with little gain.Unless your finish is really trashed, you will be blown away at the results. The finish will feel like glass again, it’s that good.Then, any wax (but I love Xymol too) will look great.Good Luck… :)

    5. Eagle one nanu wax is probably the best on the market right now.

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