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I moisturise, but the bumps are so annoying and embarrassing when with my boyfriend. It ruins my life cause I have to shave my legs everyday for them to be smooth. Someone help :(

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    1. Sounds like razor burn.Try using a new razor blade each time. Save money by using disposable ones. But, if you get regrowth in less than a day, it means your hair is too thick! So, if you keep shaving, chances are even when you do shave your legs, you are going to get black spots from your hair cuticle (like a shaved head).All, I got to say is WAX. Seriously hun, it hurts for like a Second then it goes away. Chances are you will get regrowth in like a week, because your hair grows rather fast by the sound of it. But if you keep doing it, then the time will be more and more and you will only need to get it done every 4 – 6 weeks

    2. Perhaps you should use Nair, or laser hair removal. (Waxing can result in the same thing) Or maybe you don’t use shaving cream

    3. Get a razer with multiple blades for a closer shave, the Schick Quattro for Women is amazing. Also, get a moisturizing shave gel to keep your skin from getting irritated.If your situation doesn’t improve, I would try a hair removal product like Nair. It lasts longer because it removes hair below the surface.

    4. you might try a lotion that helps reduce hair growth. I have used it in the past it does work. I think it is from Jergens. I seen a product for shaving bumps in wal-mart it might help. I have problems shaving because I am allergic to shaving cream. I found that I get a smoother shave from suave conditioner and I am not allergic, I don’t get the big red burn blotches any more.

    5. try a different kind of razer and buy a more expensive kind instead of the disposable ones if you use that kind

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