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Homemade Sugaring Wax2 cups sugar1/4 cup lemon or lime juice1/4 cup waterCandy ThermometerCombine ingredients and cook for about 10 minutes. The mixture will boil rapidly and you should stir constantly to avoid boiling over. Then you simmer it for 5 more minutes to allow the mixture to thicken. (Make sure the mix reaches 250 degrees). The mixture changes from clear to a deep amber color (similar to the hardball candy phase). You remove the mix and allow it to cool, then you can use the sugaring mix to remove the hair , or store in a reheat able container. Like waxing you should heat up the mix slightly before use. You may use paper or cloth strips.Facial hair remover1 egg whitesugarcorn flourBlend 1 egg white and equal parts of sugar and corn flour until they become a sticky paste. Apply to face, when it dries peel off. Use 3-4 times a week.Hair removal Mix4 teaspoons wheat flour1 teaspoon mint leaves1/2 teaspoon sesame oil1 teaspoon waterMix ingredients in bowl. Cover. Process and obtain a paste of the ingredients. Test first on skin. Apply. Leave on 15 minutes, Use daily. **This can be use for body hair also, it is supposed to rid you of any body of facial hair** Good Luck!

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  • Does This Facial Wax Recipe Really Work? - Hi, I’m Wondering If This Recipe For: Facial Hair Removal Wax Really Work?(I Want To Wax My Upper Lip)So… Here’s The Recipe…1 Egg WhiteSugarCorn FlourProcedure: Blend the egg white with sugar and corn flour. Blend it well until it becomes a sticky paste. Apply the mixture to your face. When it dries up gently
  • What do i do when i start to grow hair ubove my lip - waxing, bleaching, sugaring, plucking, stringing.When you go to the salon to get a trim, have them wax or string the hairs. This way you kill two birds with one stone.More expensive and not proven for long term health, laser removal or electrolysis. But whatever you do (I do not think you would, but just in
  • How?can u make homeade wax?like hair removal wax - here is a recipe for sugarpaste recipe:Ingredients 2 cups sugar ? cup water ? cup lemon (nimbu) juice Sugaring Method Pour the sugar, water and lemon juice in a saucepan, and heat it over a low flame. Keep stirring the mixture until all the sugar has melted, and you have a thick brown liquid. Let
  • Does anyone know if the eggs, honey, and corn flour facial removal method really works - I’ve read online that “a natural hair removal face scrub by blending an egg white, a tablespoon of sugar and half a tablespoon of corn flour ” works for removing facial hair. Has anyone tried this method or know if it really works? Is it only for the face or can be used for the
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  • Is there anything i could do at home to remove hair from my legs except using hair removing creams and shaving? - Sugaring. Get a bowl. Put three spoonfuls sugar. Place it in oven/ heat till it turns brownish/amber colour. mix some lemon juice with in. Then, let it cool. Apply it over a hairy area. Place a cotton cloth/stip over the area. Smooth it in the direction of hair growth a couple of times. Then With

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    1. ingrediants:lemonhoneyhow to make: mix lemon and honey apply it on your face leave it for 10 minutes.do this for just 3 days.be careful of not spltting this mixture on hair then your hair would loose color .it really works.

    2. I use one every morning. I call it a “razor”.

    3. instead of removing facial hair,try bleaching them.removing will make them grow faster.

    4. I made the “Homemade Sugaring Wax” and it works. Thanks for posting that up. Report Abuse

    5. You can wax at home. You also can “sugar”. In the Mideast, women make a thick syrup with sugar and use it the same way you would use wax. You can find recipes for that under “sugaring” on the Internet search engines.

    6. for homemade remedies for acne open [external link] and there open the blue color links for natural tips to get acne free clear n glowing skin

    7. Tweezers.

    8. In South India, women still use a mixture of Besan powder and Haldi powder, made into a paste with water, and rub their face daily with it an hour before bath.It works!

    9. May i ask if you know how the homemade removal recipes work? Report Abuse

    10. you can buy wax but you can also bleach it.

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