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24. January 2013 · 4 comments · Categories: Links · Tags: , ,
I've been getting red bumps that kind of look like pimples from plucking my eyebrows! Anyone know what they are/how to get red of them? Thanks so much in advance!p.s. please dont just say waxing/laser hair removal because that just does not fit into my time/budjet.

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    1. Your skin is probablly irritated. Put a cold compress on it for a few mins, if not put some aloe on it or leave it alone for a a day and it wont be as red. Next time when you do pluck your eyebrows, you can try to put the tweezers in the fridge for an hour or so, so it wont irritate your skin.

    2. take some ice cubes,wrap them up in a cloth and apply on the area above your eyebrows,but if irritation persists,consult a doctor.

    3. I know it’s gross, but is it like a zit, or an irritation bump? If it’s like a zit, growing bigger instead of smaller, you have ingrown hairs that are getting infected. Just one once in a great while is no biggie. If you have several, though, yikes! Time to see a doc!If it’s irritation, that’s easier to deal with. I pluck at night so it has time to calm down. You can also pluck right after a hot shower so the follicles are as loose as they’re going to get, giving up the hair more easily and with less damage and irritation. I forget whether you’re supposed to pluck against the grain or with the grain, but my skin seems happiest if I pluck with the grain. Ice/cold compresses are a great idea, as some other people have suggested. It reduces inflammation. There are also aloe gels that will help soothe the area.It should also get easier with time. The more hair is plucked, the weaker it grows in later. This makes it easier and less painful to pull, and the thinner, more loosely held hair is less likely to cause irritation or to become ingrown. Some hair may not grow back at all! The down side is that if you go with ultra-thin eyebrows for a long time and decide to wear thicker ones later, you may not be able to naturally.I also don’t pluck every day, but that’s a personal preference. Some self-described “yetis” feel like they have to keep after it. I’m pretty fair and only have to get a wax every few months, then maintenance pluck before big events or once or twice a week. If you can wax before an interview, do it! People have described them as painful and irritating, but I haven’t had that reaction at all. The crisp line you get from it is very maintained and professional looking. $10 just once is just fine for an interview expense!On that note, if you can, avoid plucking on “the big day.” Your date, your interview, whatever you have going on: I am super pale and bruise/blemish/blush easily. Every flaw is pretty glaring on white skin, so if I forget to pluck until the day of, I make sure it has at least 3 hours to fade before I irritate it with makeup or have to be seen looking my best.It’s bad and you shouldn’t do it, but if you MUST look your best “the day of,” you can put visine on any zit or blemish to reduce the redness. Repeated use of it this way can burst a blood vessel, giving you a permanent blemish, so only do it in times of great need!Oh, on that note, watch what else you put on that skin: no makeup right after plucking, no toner, nothing harsh. Skip even the scented lotion. It’s calm, natural stuff or nothing!Good luck. :) I know you’re on a budget, but if you can’t kick it with these tips you’ll need to see a dermatologist.

    4. that happened to me once when i got them done :O they eventualy went away (thank god) considering i had school 2 days later :P

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