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My hair has layers and when I curl it its always poofy and sucks:'(

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    1. Is your hair straight or wavy? If it’s straight, then I can help. I can never use curling irons with my hair because it’s naturally straight…so I use the pin curl method. It’s best if you use a curl defining mousse/gel/whatever beforehand. 1)Take hair clip (barrette sized)2)Twist your hair in a spiral3) Place spiral back on your head4) Clip on *make sure that it’s secure or do it over again; also make sure that there is no lose hair*5) Repeat with the rest of your hair; or the parts that you want curled6) Blow dry all over your hair7) Remove hair clips8) Spray with a light hairspray (not a heavy kind or it will make your curls look less bouncy)If you don’t want to blow dry your hair for any reason, I would take a shower first before this. Do this method, and sleep with the hair clips in place, that way the hairs are in smooth curls. I also have layered hair, so it is difficult. It takes some practice to get certain sized curls. Here’s a video link as well if I did not explain this well. Hope I helped :D [external link]

    2. I recomend a loose curl style, with a conical wand, try to keep the curls on top looser

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