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28. January 2013 · 2 comments · Categories: Links · Tags: ,
i get red spots right where the hair grows on the whole of my legs after waxing shaving and epilating.i dont know how to get rid of them and why they are there?i dnt shave anymore because i like to use hair removal that lasts longer but even when i wax or epilate the same thing happens.plssss help. i need to get rid of them as they cover my whole legs and i NEVER show my legs at all cos its sooo embarassing.

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  • Whats the easiest way to get rid of the hair down below - Well. you have lots of options1. Shaving. but this doesn’t last and leaves you with nasty stubbleyuck2. Waxing. really does last but if you can’t deal with pain well.don’t go for it3. Sugaring…basically the same as waxing but cheaper as you can make it yourself4. hair removal cream, its expensive to do as a habit.
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    1. maybe ur skin is REALLY sensitive

    2. I dont know but like when i use nair on my legs i get those little red spots like when i shave and get razor burn..sooo i dont know what it is maybe you should talk to a doctor

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