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27. November 2012 · 4 comments · Categories: Links · Tags: ,
I had the same problem as you.Their are two soloutions.One you can bleach the hair to make it less noticable asnd blend it inOr the option i use is to use facial hair removal creams.#I personally use NairIt is around ?8 but is a good size tub and lasts ages. You just brush it on and leave it for 10-15 minutes wipe it off and the hair has gone. it does not grow back stubborn either. Just do it every month or so xIgnore the guy saying eww your nasty its just because he has no life :PBy the way you can shave it but the chances of them growing back thicker is bigger plus they grow back faster and there is more chance of cuttting yourself.Nair for the win x [external link] Thats just for upper lip or... [external link] thats for your whole face its what i use and like it says yo can also use it for your bikini line. Its sensetive and leaves skin smooth and soft!good luck ¦ x

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    1. Try a burka

    2. Shave it so the hairs would be gone. If you don’t know how to shave then you should ask your brother or dad.Ho?? i? H???s! :D

    3. ewww ur nasty

    4. some gurls shave it put make up or use cream

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