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11. October 2012 · 7 comments · Categories: Links · Tags: , , , ,
So I have dark brown/black hair and I bought the LOreal Feria Auburn Brown. It didn't come out well (you can only see a little in the light) and I would like to dye my hair again so that it would come out as I liked. However, I'm not sure if its safe or what to do. Help?

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    1. It will increase the damage done to your hair but won’t make it fall out or anything horrendous like that. It is highly recommended to wait at least 3 weeks, preferrably 4 in order to decrease the amount of harsh chemicals put in your hair at one time, but if you have a really bad dye job and can’t wait that long just make sure you use lots and lots of conditioner after dying it a second time. One time I had a dye mishap and needed to use a color remover which basically bleached my hair before re-dying it, so there were 3 different harsh chemical products used over a two day period because I just couldn’t even be seen outside because the original dye job was so horrible. My hair was extremely dry and brittle afterwards, so I am extra-cautious now with trying new hair colors and highly recommend the strand test so that you will know how the color will turn out before making a mistake dying your entire head.

    2. I once dyed my hair and it came out purple, so I re-dyed it about 8 hours later. It was fine for me, but if you have a sensitive scalp you should wait at least 2 days.

    3. no dont do it just wait a day or soo

    4. I would deal with what you have and wait about 6 weeks unless you want fried hair.

    5. Wait at least 24 hours before dying it again.

    6. No.You have to wait or it’ll kill your hair.Usually you should wait about four weeks or so.

    7. People will tell you no but ive even bleached my hair twice within a couple of hours so just a colour /toner will be fine!

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