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22. October 2012 · 4 comments · Categories: Links · Tags: , , , , ,
A friend and I always argue about this. Let's just say if I were to smoke weed once every two weeks, how long would it stay in my system for a home drug test? I've heard from people that if you hardly smoke then you would be clean 2-5 days. What about once a month? Please be honest and don't say its bad for you. Show some proof of your answer to please. Thanks.

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    1. A couple months, it can be even longer, depends on what they take as a sample

    2. It’s bad for you, there’s a risk it can make you develop schizophrenia and/or depression:Schizophrenia: [external link]

    3. Depends on how strong it is but the general rule is two weeks. Smoke at the beginning of the month and your probably clean by the end of the month (unless they do hair samples.)

    4. I’ve seen these questions come up often and answers range broadly from a few days to six months. Essentially there may be elements of truth in all of them.The more precise question however, is not how long the THC metabolites remain in ones system; but rather, what are my odds of passing the drug test?And the obvious answer is, the greater the concentration of THC metabolites, the greater the odds of detection.The human body produces 80+ THC metabolites when marijuana enters the system; most of which have a half life of only a few hours. The remainder have a half life of 10 to 13 days. (Half life does not mean every single metabolite will be gone in 26 days.)The calculation that you should be asking is, “what are the odds that the THC metabolites remaining will be in high enough concentrations to be detected by present day drug screens?”Most are undectable within hours, but the few remaining THC metabolites are fat soluble. Many of those are quickly being escorted to the urinary and digestive system to be eliminated from the body forever. The ones that don’t make it there yet are sent to fat cells, to be excreted later. So you should be able to pick up by this process, several bits of information:1) The less you smoked and the longer the time passes, the greater the odds of going undetected in a drug screen.2) The blood doesn’t store THC metabolites; it hitches a ride to fat cells or excretion systems. So far less likely to detect in high concentrations in blood than urine.3) And here’s one many get wrong: The body is trying to expel the THC metabolites so they are sent to excretion centers to await exit. So the more you flush the system, the greater the odds they won’t be found in high enough concentrations to be detected. A standard EMIT drug test measures positive at 50 ng/ml so on day of test if one can dilute sample by drinking excess fluids, one can drop levels below detection zone. Labs have counter-measures that can determine dilute samples; most home test kits do not. Research has shown that drinking eight 20 oz. glasses of water hours before a test will drop levels below detection in almost 100% of cases; using vitamins C and B will keep color levels up; whereby fooling tester. But the labs won’t as easily be fooled. So finding ways to speed up the process and keep the concentrations as low as possible at time of test matters; it matters a great deal. Just because it’s fat soluble doesn’t mean odds of detection don’t increase as those metabolites increase in concentration in the excretion centers. And that’s why labs invest considerable effort in finding new ways to determine if subjects are expelling urine in excessive amounts. They look hard for dilute samples. (And drinking excess amounts days out does little since THC metabolites are fat soluble. But the day of test does matter.)4) The faster your body moves to remove metabolites, the less likely they will be found in high concentrations. In general, the younger and skinnier you are, the faster your metabolism. And metabolism does matter. So can anybody really provide you with difinitive answers of when your levels will be low enough to avoid detection? But, if you analyzed the bell curve of approximate detection windows you would conclude that almost all;Infrequent users- its undetectable in blood within 12-24 hours; in urine within 1 to 6 days; hair tests virtually undetectable.Moderate users- blood 12-24+ hours; urine within 6 to 18 days; hair significant probability Heavy users- blood 24+ hours; urine 12 to 26 days; hair extremely significant probability. Outside the bell curve, there are examples of detection beyond the above averages, but there again you are calculating odds; what are your odds of being in the one in a five hundred group versus the 499 group?

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