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12. October 2012 · 1 comment · Categories: Links · Tags: , , , , , , ,
So I used this nair hair removal cream for the first time today and I didn't actually mean to buy this product (I was looking for wax strips for the face and I guess I was being stupid and saw "nair", "hair removal", and "face" on the box and just assumed it was wax -_-). So anyways when I took it out of the box and saw that it was a cream and thot okay I'll use it anyways. I read the instructions and tried using it on my armpits as a test and it worked great, I was so amazed so after doing both pits, I tried doing my upper lip. After about 30 seconds it started to burn like crazy so I took it off and now my upper lip has bumpy red blotches on it and it still feels like it's burning. I've tried warm water, cold water, moisturizing cream, and aloe vera but it only made it either burn worse or stop the burning sensation. I don't know if I should maybe try Vaseline or polysporin next but all I'm worried about is that I have school tomorrow and I'm scared I'm still going to have these red blotches on my lip. Please tell me how long this will last or how to calm it down...I'm desperate, I only have 8 hours before I have to go to school :(

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    1 Comment

    1. Stop putting things on it, clean it and let it air dry. Nair can be nasty stuff, even if it did say “face”, I used nair on my bikini area last week and it burned like crazy for an entire day and was red for the whole time as well. Just dont put anything else on your lip, it could cause further irritation or burning, unfortunately it may still be red tomorrow but it will fade within a day.

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