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29. September 2012 · 4 comments · Categories: Links · Tags: , , , , , ,
I got scared because I saw hair above my lips, but it might just be a shadow. I saw it when I was looking in the mirror. I don't want to grow a mustache

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    1. it normal to have hair above your lips. many people actually have to shave it, not because it grows long like a mustache, but because it’s dark colored. mine is blonde so it doesn’t matter.

    2. None get mustache. You can use hair removal stuff if this brothers you. But nothing to worry. Hair will be theri all over the body..

    3. of course it normal!it very common. it called “facial hair”most women have thatso don’t worry it normalu can get it waxed, it may hurt for the first timepleadon’tont think about shaving because it will grow back thicker and courser

    4. Hey girlfriend I feel ya. I’ve got it too. I used a pair of scissors to trim my mustache off when I was a teen. I used facial bleach when I got in my early 20′s. I got tired of having to trim it so frequently. The bleach started to irritate my skin after a while. I now go to the salon and get it waxed. I’ve found that the wax removal keeps me hair free for a month or longer. I will warn you it does hurt to have the upper lip waxed. I buy this numbing agent in a can to spray on my upper lip 30 minutes before my waxing session. It is called GiGi Anesthetic Numbing Spray. It works well. I can barely feel the waxing. Please do not shave it. I’ve known women that has done that. They all have a thick mustache like a man. They even get the five o’clock shadow too. You’re not alone. A lot of women have it.

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