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My daughter put "some make-up" on her all Barbies and other dolls with a black ball point pen. I tried all detergent but it won't go. Is there any way to remove it?

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    1. nail polish remover doesnt work,it could only erase barbie’s whole face! i know because i tried using it! Report Abuse

    2. why would you want a barbie doll?

    3. Try nail polish removed; if that doesn’t work, try a stronger solvent such as “Oops” – you should be able to get it at any paint or hardware store. Be sure to test it on an area that’s not obvious, just in case it’s capable of dissolving the plastic (although I don’t know that you can do any more damage than permanant-marker makeup on the face!) Good luck.

    4. When my son used permanent markers and pens to make artwork on my kitchen chairs I used nail polish remover.Sally Hensonextra strength.

    5. lighter

    6. Alcohol wipe should do the trick ;)

    7. try rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover.

    8. hair spray or goo gone should work.

    9. try hair spray or lighter fluid

    10. I tried most of the suggestions and pretty much none of them did anything. I had 5 different dolls with ink and what worked was the zit cream. I even got cheap store brand for $3, and it took about 3 times applying and leaving it on for a day, but it worked! Report Abuse

    11. The only thing that I know that works is Oxy10, the zit cream. Put it on the ink and then sit it in the sun, remove it and reapply daily. It takes about a week but it does work.

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