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I was plucking my eyebrows and I drew in pencil just to see what it looked like but I plucked with the pencil still there, when I took it off with make up remover my eyebrow was really thin and was really short and didn't go much further past my eye, there's a few hairs outside and a few short hairs that iv decided not to touch. If I leave it and draw if in for the next few days will it be ok by next week, I know it normally takes like 6 weeks but there are hairs already there and just need to grow a bit more to be more prominant. please have serious answers as i would like to have christmas with my eyebrows :(

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    1. sometimes they just dont grow back :/

    2. It depends how fast ur grows.Everyones eye brows are diffrent.For waxing yea it may take a month or 2.Plucking, if you eye brows r anything like mine it should take 5days-2weeks.I have to do my eyebrows like every 1-2months waxing. But i’m used to it so yeahhhoped i helppedd.

    3. Yeah, sometimes they don’t grow back.. :( you will have to draw it in a tiny bit every day.. :/ do not pluck them, just the ones that are EXTREMELY STRAYS! You will just have to wait… Sorry.

    4. aww :( i think they’ll grow into being a bit more noticeable in about a week or so. they won’t be perfect but they’ll be getting there! for now just fill them in with pencil or wear your hair over them. i hope your eyebrows join you for a merry christmas!

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